Boron 10 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Boron 10 


Blue toruses = 10 protons
Red toruses = 5 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (10) - nuclear electrons (5)

Photon model
Nuclear structure of the matter

Isotopes Boron 10 and B10 nuclear structure of atomic Boron10 nucleus composition

Boron 9 nucleus Boron 11 nucleus



Boron 10 nucleus is a stable structure. As can be seen in the torus model, every two proton torus has a nuclear electron glued them. The interaction of nuclear electrons and protons seems to be the strong nuclear force in consequence of close proximity of nuclear toruses of protons inside the electrons. No quarks inside atomic nuclei nor gluons. Strong interaction as the fourth kind of basic nuclear force also does not exist.

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