Proton emission, click for Berillium 6 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Boron 7 

(half life = 350x10-24 s). Move mouse over image for Boron 7 nucleus decay form.

Blue toruses = 7 protons
Red toruses = 2 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of B (5) = protons (7) - nuclear electrons (2)

Boron 7 nucleus decays by highly instable proton emission (from left side position) of Boron 7 nucleus decay form producing Be6 nucleus (half life = 5 zs)

Beryllium 6 decays by 2 proton emission (left and right side protons) of Beryllium 6 destabilized form and He4 nucleus produced.

Click on image for Be6 nucleus

Photon model of light
Structures of atomic nuclei

Beryllium 16 nucleus Boron 8 nucleus




Decay of Boron 7 highly unstable nuclear structure and Boron7 decomposition by 100% proton emission through metastable Berillium 6 results in stable alpha particle, a He4 nucleus. The mechanism of proton emission is clear on torus model pictures.

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