Carbon 11 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Carbon 11 

isotope (half life = 20.334 min). Move mouse on image for Carbon 11 recombinant (hybrid) nuclear structure

Blue toruses = 11 protons
Red toruses = 5 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of C (6) = protons (11) - nuclear electrons (5)

Carbon 11 undergo a transformation of b+ electron capture (into the central position) of recombinant structure forming Boron 11 stable nucleus.

Other component of the photon decomposition, the residual positron emitted.

Light photon model
Béta bomlások

Carbon 10 nucleus Carbon 12 nucleus



Nuclear structure and transformation of isotope Carbon 11 and composition of C11 recombinant nuclei. Mechanism of C11 positron emission.

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