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An artist’s impression of a Harlequin

Species has appearance of a jester or harlequin. It is believed that they were the inspiration for the Trickster character that appears in cultures across the Terran world. (e.g. Loki of the Norse or Maasawof the Hopi. Although the Trickster is often depicted as an animal — the pig in Japan, fox in England and the coyote to the Americans — the Trickster can also appear as a clown.) Entertainers on Terraemulate this species. (e.g. Clowns, Jesters, Jokers, Harlequins, Court Fools, etc.) Harlequins have a reletively gender neutral humanoid body, large and wide-opened, dark eyes, with a white, greasepaint-like complection. Harlequins prefer garments with ruffles and discoordinate elements. Harlequins move inan irregular fashion, often with extraneous motions.

Encounters with Humans:


FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.HATHOR

According to Bob Frissell, the Hathor are a fourth dimensional Venusian race.


Prominent in Paihute Indian tradition, the Hav-Musuvs were allegedly an Egyptian or Grecian-like sea-faring race who discovered huge caverns around 3 to 5 thousand years ago within, and later deep beneath the Panamint Mts. of California. Within these they then established their vast underground cities. When the inland sea (now Death Valley) which connected the ocean in ancient times dried up, they had no way to carry on trade with other parts of the world. As a result of this, according to Paihute Indian tradition, they began to build and fly ‘silvery eagles” which became increasingly advanced as time went on. They then evidently established interplanetary and later interstellar travel, exploration and colonization. This huge facility is now operating as a MAJOR Federation base on earth, and possesses huge chambers with differing environmental, atmospheric and even gravitational conditions to accommodate the various visiting Federation dignitaries.

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From the galaxy Sextans Dwarf SPH. First visited Earth (Terra) in the area currently known as Romania.

They are responsible for the myth of vampires. They often abduct and kill Humans. They drain and drink the blood of both Humans and animals. The Human bodies that they “use” are never returned. Several Human governments know of and accept their actions.

Last seen in Scotland in 1996.

HOMINS “Homins” is the name given to large, human-like creatures that are reported across the world. Click Homins for details
(Species yet to be
not properly identified
This traumatic series of events began at approximately 7 pm. on the evening of August 21, 1955. The Taylor family was visiting the Suttons at their rustic farmhouse near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, when they had a close encounter that would forever change their lives.

The ordeal began when Billy Ray Taylor went out to fetch water from the Sutton’s well. While at the pump he saw a gleaming, rainbow colored, disc shaped object land in a gorge less than a mile away. Taylor ran back to inform the others, but they laughingly dismissed his tale as nothing more than a shooting star that had played tricks on his eyes.

All that changed soon after when the Sutton’s dog began barking frenziedly in the darkness. Taylor and Elmer Sutton snagged their rifles and charged outside only to see an entity which they described as luminous being about 3-feet in height with an over-sized head, glowing eyes, floppy, pointed ears, a narrow mouth, thin legs and talon tipped fingers. The creature — which was floating just above the ground — was dressed in a silvery metallic outfit and charged at the men with its clawed hands in the air.

The terrified men, fearing the worst, fired at the creature, but it just did a back flip and disappeared into the woods, apparently unharmed. Taylor and Sutton quickly retreated to the isolated house, but before they could recount what had transpired, the alien appeared in front of a window. The men fired again, blasting holes in the screen, but when they went ran back out to inspect the corpse, they found no trace of it.

Suddenly, a similar being lunged down from the awning of the porch and entangled its claw in one of the men’s hair. They fired again, but the creature — seemingly just as bulletproof as its kin — gently floated to the ground and tore off into the shrubbery. The men ran back to the farmhouse just as a cluster of the creatures began to assail it. The pesky critters began scurrying across the roof and appearing in different windows simultaneously, terrifying the eleven men, women and children in the tiny abode.

As with the others, bullets had no apparent effect on the creatures and after a harrowing three hour ordeal, the group decided to make a break for the two vehicles that were parked outside. One of the children would later recall that as they sprinted for the cars he noticed that the creatures “stuck to the side of the house in the way a spider could.”

The families ran for their lives, crammed into the cars and sped down to the local Sheriff’s office to report the strange incident. Sheriff Russell Greenwell and his deputies were on hand to interview the petrified family members and they verified the sobriety, sanity and sincerity of the eyewitnesses. Greenwell would go on to say: “These were not the sort of people who normally ran to the police, something frightened them, something beyond their comprehension.”

When the officers arrived at the scene to investigate, they found no hint of the creatures, but noted the multiple bullet holes in the windows and walls of the farmhouse. The Sutton’s neighbors testified that they heard gunshots, and a state highway trooper independently reported weird “meteor-like objects” flying overhead, “with a sound like artillery fire coming directly from them” earlier that evening.

Assured by the police that there was no indication of anything unusual — and no doubt assuming that the worst was over — the Suttons and the Taylors returned to the farmhouse at approximately 2:15 am. Much to the chagrin of both families, the creatures reappeared and began scuttling around, climbing walls and staring into windows.

The men responded with gunfire, which (of course) had no effect on the beasts. The chaos ensued until almost dawn, when the beings mysteriously disappeared for a final time. The aliens never did return to the farmhouse, but the Sutton family nevertheless felt compelled to abandon their home not long after the incident.
HU-BRID ’Hybrids’ possessing reptilian and human genetic coding yet who possess a human soul-matrix. (Evadamic)

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

HYADEANS The Hyades in the constellation Taurus, like the Pleiades and Vega, are said to have been the destination of yet another group of refugees from the ancient war with the saurians in Lyra (Evadamic)

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

HYBRIDS Since human and reptilian beings are allegedly so different in their physical make-up a natural ‘hybrid’ between the two is impossible. However and unnatural GENETIC alteration in essence ‘splicing’ human and reptilian genes has allegedly been attempted. Even if this were accomplished the offspring would not be an actual ‘hybrid’ (half human, half reptilian) but would fall to one side or the other. Since reptilians possess no soul-matrix as do humans but instead operate on a ‘collective consciousness’ level, the ‘hybrid’ would be human or reptilian depending on whether they/it was born with or without a soul-energy-matrix. In most cases one might tell the difference if the entity had round-pupils as opposed to black opaque or vertical-slit pupiled eyes; or five-digit fingers as opposed to three or four; or external genitalia as opposed to none. If two out of three fit the ‘human’ configuration chances are they would possess a soul-matrix, although this might now ‘always’ be the case, if such entities as the ‘Chameleons’ exist for instance (Evadamic-Draconian).

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

HYBRIDS-REPTILIAN Since human and reptilian beings are genetically so different in their physical make-up a natural ‘hybrid’ between the two is impossible. However an unnatural GENETIC alteration, in essence ‘splicing’ human and reptilian genes, has allegedly been attempted. Even if this were accomplished the offspring would not be an actual ‘hybrid’ (half human - half reptilian) but would fall to one side or the other. Since reptilians possess no soul-matrix as do humans but instead operate on a ‘collective consciousness’ level, the ‘hybrid’ would be human or reptilian depending on whether they/it was born with or without a soul-energy-matrix. In most cases one might tell the difference if the entity had round-pupils as opposed to black opaque or vertical-slit pupiled eyes; or five-digit fingers as opposed to three or four; or external genitalia as opposed to none. This may not always be the rule, especially when the ‘chameleons’ are considered. Some of the hybrids without souls are ‘fed’ with human soul-energy in an attempt to engraft an already existing human soul-matrix into the hybrid.
Fantasy artistic
The following description is of a hybrid female, approximately 15 years old. Height is five feet, three inches; skin color is pale white/grey. The head is slightly larger and rounder than normal. Hair is dark, high above the forehead and worn in a long ponytail. The face is veryfine featured and attractive. Method of communication is telepathic. They consider themselves human, not Grey, in almost all respects. They care about the Greys, as any child would a parent, but find them boring. The desire for human contact is great. Their capacity for emotion is as great, if not greater than humans. Their intellectual capacity is well above human standards Very likely to except the capabilities of both races.
HUMAN TYPE A: These are of a genetic base similar to humans of earth. They appear of “normal” height (5-6ft?) and tend to be fair-skinned with blonde hair. These entities have been abducted by the greys or are the offspring of abductees and have been trained by the greys as servants. These entities are totally subservient to the greys.

HUMAN TYPE B: These are aliens of similar genetics to earth humans and also, it seems, of the humans that serve the greys. These are from the Pleiades and are also of the blonde, fair-skinned appearance. This type is of a genuine highly evolved, spiritual, benevolent variety and have a kinship toward humans and are the only aliens to be truly trusted by earth humans at this time. They had at one time offered to be of assistance to earth leaders in dealing with the alien situation here but were rebuffed and so have taken a kind of “hands off” approach for the time being. These aliens are supposedly the forefather race of humankind. These are apparently not on earth much at this time due to serious problems in the area of their home.

HUMAN TYPE C: Very little is known about these. They are supposedly another of the highly evolved, spiritual type of great benevolence to earth humans. I understand that their appearance is similar to other human-type aliens. They are from Sirius and don’t appear to be much involved with earth happenings at this time other than being concerned about the Grey scenario. They could desire to be of help to humans.

There are other known human type aliens of this “more highly spiritually evolved” nature that are apparently aware of the situation on earth and considering some possible course of action. These are from Arcturus and Vega.

The following article appeared in the summer 1993 edition (vol. 3 no. 2) issue of UFO Universe magazine.

[GROUP A] Non Earth-Born Humans
This GROUP consists of three peoples from three distinct colony zones, namely Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. Genetically, they are nearly identical to Earth-born humans with the following exceptions. Abductees refer to these beings as the talls. Males average up to approximately seven feet in height; females, six and a half feet. They are extremely fine featured, pale in complexion. Eyes are almond shaped, slightly slanted with a natural black liner, much like the renderings of ancient Egyptian royalty. There are three hair colors apparently related to colony origin: blonde (Pleiades), red (Orion), and black (Sirius). The insignia of these combined human races is a triangular arrangement of three spheres. This symbol has deep significance, and is found throughout Earth history. History records these beings as goddesses, gods, devas, etc. A subgroup of GROUP A females is in command of most Terran projects.

[GROUP B] Earth-Born Humans
These are Homo Sapiens whose origin is the planet Earth. They can be divided into two separate classes.
[Class A] (Ancient) - These humans were the companions and house servants of a GROUP A military mining and occupation force. When this force left the Earth sometime between 1,000 BC and 3,500 BC, it was decided to remove all humans that had been in close proximity with them. It was felt that leaving them would only further disrupt normal human development. Class A humans are on an equal level with GROUP A and cooperate fully in all Earth projects.

[Class M] (Modern) - These humans are working on the same cooperative level as Class A. They were taken from the Earth in modern times. During some abduction projects, twins (either identical or fraternal) are induced in a female subject. During the first trimester, one of the fetuses is removed. It is then grown to maturity by GROUP A. Abductees will meet their twins during some abductions. Very limited contact has been made by these humans.

[GROUP C] Genetically Modified Earth-Born Humans
These humans are comprised of two classes and should not be confused with GROUP D Greys.
[Class W] (Workers) - This class is the smallest in physical stature. They are described as approximately three and a half feet in height, large head and eyes, pale white in complexion. These workers were created by GROUP A through genetic modification of Earth human fetuses. Their function is to perform menial tasks requiring limited reasoning abilities. In mental capacity, they are equivalent to a five year-old child. They are incapable of violence and, in some cases, are kept as companions by GROUP A individuals.
[Class T] (Technicians) - These humans are basically the same as Class W. they are slightly larger, at approximately four and a half feet in height. Their complexion is tan or yellowish. Their reasoning and deductive abilities are higher. This allows them to perform more complex operations. They are often seen operating ship controls and in transport activities.

Both Classes W and T are telepathically camouflaged to appear as Greys to abductees. This is done to conceal the true nature of GROUP C.
It is felt that perception of GROUP A maintaining a human slave population would hinder future contact efforts.
This point will undoubtedly be a source of much heated debate in the near future.
HYDRA REPTILIANS An aquatic reptilian species that lives in or near water, are around 5 feet tall, they have scaly webbed feet and hands. as well as gills and began reportedly coming from the constellation Hydra (also called ‘The Sea Serpent’) which is comprised of three star systems of Beta Hydrae, Epsilon Hydrae and N Hydrae. In Greek mythology there are the dragons Hydra, Python, and the dragon Typhon, all serpent like.

There are many names of serpent gods and goddesses for that matter throughout every continent including hybrid prototypes engraved on tombs, on walls of unearthed ancient cities in the middle east.

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