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They come from constellation Aquila, star Tarazed.
They have colonized 3 planets and have a life span of 150 years.
They are often sighted in northern Africa and the Sahara region.
First visited Earth around 300 BC.
They do not conduct abductions.
Main interest about Earth: minerals.
Last sighted in 2003 near a volcano in Iceland.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.KATAYY

Alex Collier mentions a red-skinned humanoid race of Lyran/Vegan descent that lives in the Sirius A system. The Katayy are one of the benevolent Sirian species. They are a race that is artistic. They have music and are connected to nature. They are builders and not very political. They are involved in spiritual healing technologies that work with sound and colour.
They come from constellation Vela, near the star Suhail Al Muhlif.
They grow up to 2 meters high (6 ') and live up to 200 years.
They can shape-shift and are very hard to detect.
When they shape-shift the only thing they cannot change is the size and colour of their eyes.
They are one of the oldest known races.
They do abduct humans.
Last seen on earth in July of 2008.
(Species yet to be
not properly identified
Sometime before 7 pm., on the evening of February 23, 1975, two grade-school boys — Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata — were roller skating near their housing estate in Kofu City, when they noticed a pair of “glittering” orange UFOs frolicking in the sky above.

The boys stared in awe as the larger of the two objects broke off, while the smaller one slowly descended to the ground, landing amongst the props of a vineyard behind the estate. The curious youngsters wasted no time in removing their skates and charging into the vineyard in order to get a better look at this now earthbound object.

The flying saucer was perched on “three ball-shaped legs” and had what the children described as “strange characters” embossed on the metal surface of its hull. While approaching the craft, both Kawano and Yamahata were astounded to see a hatch open on the side of the craft and a ladder automatically extending to the ground below.

The boys watched in stunned silence as and a 4-foot tall, silver uniform clad humanoid disembarked from the ship. They claimed that the entity had large, pointed ears and skin that was brown and covered in wrinkles so dense they obscured any noticeable features — save three, two-inch long, metal fangs. It was at that moment that the boys noticed a second humanoid that remained inside the craft.

This strange sightseer from another world began to explore the terrain, oblivious to the duo staring at it. That was until it abruptly turned and placed one of its “hands” on Yamahata’s shoulder, patting him twice and uttering a series of noises that sounded to the boys: “like a tape recorder running backwards.” At this point Yamahata collapsed to the ground, paralyzed. As soon a he dropped, the courageous Kawano pulled his friend up onto his shoulder and lugged him away from these vampiric alien assailants as swiftly as possible.

Upon returning home, the now hysterical boys immediately informed their mothers about their bizarre close encounter. These curious, yet incredulous, matrons followed their perturbed sons outside, where, much to their shock, they confirmed seeing an orange light pulsating in the vineyard before it launched skyward with a burst of light so brilliant the observers were compelled to avert their eyes.

While Yamahata and Kawano were the only ones to have actually seen the aliens, others claimed to have seen the UFOs. An investigation at the scene revealed that two solid concrete posts had been “pushed over” at the landing site. It was determined that the boys would have been unable to accomplish this task of allegedly cosmic vandalism on their own. There was also a ring pattern embedded in the ground and even traces of radiation discovered at the locale.

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.KOLDASIAN

inhabitants of the Planet Koldas. According to Branton, the Koldasians are a humanoid species, but (just like the Dal), they are not from within this Universe. Still, they would be members of, or at least have very close ties with the Federation of Planets. Branton also claims the Japanese government has contact with them. (Dreamland & Dulce 30).
(Actual Source: UFO, Contact from the planet Koldas - a cosmic dialogue. The book describes the relationship of a South African of Durban with a Koldasian, called “Valdar”)

Megjegyezném, hogy a gravitáció sebességét 1 Mc -nek feltételezve az Univerzumunk elhagyásához legalább 10 000 évre lenne szükség és akkor még nem tudni milyen távol van a következő Univerzum.
Nem tartom kizártnak, hogy tudomásunk legyen a környező Univerzumokról a gravitációs tér végtelen tengerében, de az kizárt, hogy egy idegen Univerzumból éppen hozzánk toppanna be egy túrista.

A féreglyukas sétahajózás kizárt, mivel féreglyukak nincsenek. Szingularitás sincs, mert az csak a relativitáselmélet szerencsétlen félreértése vagy talán rettenetes hazugsága. Ugyanis a testek középpontjában a gravitáció nullához tart és semmiképpen sem a végtelenhez, amint ezt a relativitáselmélet vízionálja. Így aztán sem szingularitás, sem pedig féreglyuk a testek középpontjában nem alakulhat ki amelyen keresztül közlekedni lehetne. A fekete lyukak ugyanolyan objektumok mint a többi csillag csak nagyon nagy sűrűségű neutronláncokkal vannak kitömve. Ezt megközelítve csak bevernénk a fejünket, amely aztán nagyot koppan és elhallgat.


FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.KONDRASHKIN

Valdemar Valerian interviewed some people that claimed to have been involved in secret US Government projects that involved interactions with alien races.

One anonymous interviewee says: “There was one group called the K-Group, which was short for the Kondrashkin. They had pale skin that had a slight greenish tint and almost no hair. They looked human, and had to bleach their skin and wear wigs. They have been periodically involved with covert projects since the 1940’s.” These Kondrashkin are presumed to be part of the Orion Confederation. (Val Valarian, Orion Technology).

Al Bielek, too, mentions them, yet he spells the name “Kondroshkin.” Here, however, they are a race of “blue greys. Not the little greys, but a larger group called the blue-greys.” These would be the greys that Roosevelt made a deal with. The Philadelphia Experiment (Projects Rainbow and Phoenix) was one of the operations they were involved in.

Robert Renaud is one of the main “Korendian” contactees, and he claims that they have a large underground facility somewhere in Massachusetts. The Korendians claim alliance with the Arcturians and are part of a massive collective Alliance of worlds who lean more to non-Interventionism than to direct Interventionism. (Evadamic-Draconian?)
(These are the people who live in an underground base in the NW part of the US. They look enough like us to work among us. They caused the NW blackout more than 10 years ago to get the US to modify the electric power grid system so we couldn’t be knocked out by tripping off several power companies at the same time. They are good guys and gals.) Humans allegedly living on a colonized planet known as ‘Korender’. Perfectly ‘human’ in proportion yet 4-5 ft. tall on the average. Gabriel Green described alleged contacts with this group in publications during the late 1950’s – early ‘60’s. The accounts published by Gabriel Green were rather fantastic, although perhaps no less so than some other accounts. Many of the contactees who have allegedly encountered the ‘Korendians’--such as John W. Dean who wrote a ‘catalogue’ of life on other planets which contained reams of inaccurate astronomical data, and Colin Boyd Cameron--have obviously been the subjects of apparent ‘propaganda’ or ‘disinformation’ operations. This suggests that if the Korendians do exist they MAY be a MIB-like society similar to the ‘Lanolus’ people or the ‘MIB’ society described by John A. Keel in some of his works.
Several sources refer to the gypsy’s as having some connection with the UFO mystery. Other sources suggest a connection with high-tech subsurface kingdoms such as Agharti, etc. The knowledge which the gypsy’s allegedly possess of an ancient war, UFO craft, and so on is supposedly a carefully guarded secret among various gypsy tribes. Some claim to have traced the gypsy’s back to ancient India or surrounding regions (Evadamic).

FROM: http://www.ufohq.org/

FROM: http://wiki.exopaedia.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Korender

Gabriel Green, editor of UFO International Magazine, published the story of ‘Bob’, an American radio amateur who in 1961 was contacted on his radio by a race of ‘Korendrians,’ inhabitants of the planet Korender. They are supposed to be a human looking civilisation, that is a bit shorter than humans - some accounts say only 4 to 5 feet tall, while others mention 5 to 6 feet. The Korendrians would be members of the Federation.

Their home planet, Korender (sometimes spelled Korendor), is said to be the third planet in a solar system consisting of 12 planets circling the star Korena, which would be a star in the Bootes constellation, quite close to Arcturus. Korena would be 400 light years away from us.

Bob’s main contact was called Lin-Erri, and he eventually got to meet her as well as other Korendrians. Bob was later identified as Bob Renaud. His story was published in the book “UFO contact from Korendor.” Several researchers, including Wendelle Stevens, have investigated his claims, and are convinced he is sincere about them.

At least two more radio amateurs have subsequently come forward claiming that they, too, had been contacted by Korendrians.

David Velde: The Truth Bird:   kor1,   kor2,   propulsion,   population


Believed to be related to the race Anunnaki.
They come from the planet Dillimuns, 70 Ori.
They are the race "behind" the story of Enlil and Ninlil.
They were directly involved on the development of the Human race during our early stages.
After centuries away from Earth they have recently returned. Their own leader is amongst the most recent visitors.
They will now stay on Earth permanently... they will have an important role in the years to come.
They spend time immersed in a precious gold-like liquid that presumably extends their life span.
They come from constellation Volans.
The sightings of this race on Earth are rare and they are considered as "a mystery race".
It is said that they were forbidden to visit Earth around the year 1000 BC, but they did not stop visiting Earth completely... this because of their allies: the race Maitre.
Last seen on Earth: December of 1989.

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