Hydrogen 4 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Hydrogen 4 

(half life = 139 yoctos). Move mouse on image for destabilized (decay) form of Hydrogen 4 nucleus

Blue toruses = 4 protons
Red toruses = 3 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of H (1) = protons (4) - nuclear electrons (3)

Spin = 2-

Hydrogen 4 decays by neutron emission (from left side position) of Hydrogen 4 decay form producing Hydrogen 3 nucleus (Tritium).

Click on image for Hydrogen 3 nucleus image

Jin-jang photon model
Torus nuclear structure of elements

Hydrogen 3 nucleus Hydrogen 5 nucleus



Hydrogen 4 isotope nuclear structure composition by proton (blue) and nuclear electron (red) toruses. Hydrogen 4 decays through destabilized form of Hydrogen4 by neutron emission to Hydrogen 3, the stable Tritium.

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