Krypton 86 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Krypton 84 


Blue toruses = 84 protons
Red toruses = 48 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Kr (36) = protons (84) - nuclear electrons (48)

The central rod of Krypton 84 nucleus analogous with Neon 20 (stable) nuclear structure.
The six member ring consists by 6 Deuterium nuclei.
The  8 member ring consists by   8 Deuterium nuclei.
The 12 member ring consists by 12 Tritium nuclei.

Click on image for bigger view of Kr84 nucleus.

Torus model of photon and matter
Nuclear structure of the elements
Nickel 56 and physical constants

Kr 84

Nickel 58 nucleus Silver 107 nucleus




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