Lithium 5 nucleus destabilized form
Nuclear structure of

Lithium 5 

(half life = 370 yoctos). Move mouse on image for Lithium 5 nucleus destabilized form.

Blue toruses = 5 protons
Red toruses = 2 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Li (3) = protons (5) - nuclear electrons (2)

Lithium 5 decays by proton emission (left side) of Lithium 5 destabilized form and He4 nucleus generated (alpha particle).

Click on image for He4 nucleus.

Light photon model

Lithium 4 nucleus Lithium 6 nucleus



Li5 atommag szerkezete. Structure and decomposition of Lithium 5 element nucleus. Proton emission by destabilized nucleus decay and a stable alpha particle generated. Nuclear torus model of Lithium.

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