Recombinant form of Lithium 8 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Lithium 8 

(half life = 840.3 ms). Move mouse on image for Lithium 8 recombinant form.

Blue toruses = 8 protons
Red toruses = 5 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Li (3) = protons (8) - nuclear electrons (5)

Lithium 8 decays by electron emission (left side) of Lithium 8 decay form through Be8 into 2 He4 nucleus.

Click on image for Berillium 8 (instable) nucleus image

Photon and matter
Structure of atomic nuclei

Lithium 7 nucleus Lithium 9 nucleus



Nuclear structure of Lithium 8 and decomposition mechanism of electron emission decay of Lithium 8 atomic isotope element. Electrons repells each other better than protons does, probably in consequence of higher torus diameter of electrons. The electron torus diameter is about three times greater than proton torus. Electrons always departs at one of the end of nuclear torus rod. The results of Be8 split into two He4 nucleus.

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