Nitrogen 13 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Nitrogen 13 

(half life = 9.965 min). Move mouse on image for Nitrogen 13 recombinant form.

Blue toruses = 13 protons
Red toruses = 6 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of N (7) = protons (13) - nuclear electrons (6)

Nitrogen 13 transform by electron capture (into the central position) of recombinant form to Carbon 13 (stable)

The electron originates from a photon via pair production, where the generated electron captured by N13 nucleus
while other component of photon, the positron emanated.
The proton nanotube nucleus (= 13 blue proton torus) has a negatively charged outer electron nanotube (= 6 red electron torus),
hindering K electron accessibility to N13 nucleus. The neutral photon easily access nucleus, providing required electron.
The rest of positron emitted. The energy for pair production served by N13 nucleon.

Click on image for Carbon 13 nuclear structure

Yin-yang photon model of light
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Nuclear properties

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Nitrogen 13 nuclear structure. N13 have a half-life of 9.965 min and transformed by catching a light photon. A positron emitted.

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