Nitrogen 16 nuclear structure decay form
Nuclear structure of

Nitrogen 16 

(half life = 7.13 s). Move mouse on image for Nitrogen 16 nucleus decay form.

Blue toruses = 16 protons
Red toruses = 9 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of N (7) = protons (16) - nuclear electrons (9)

Nitrogen 16 decays by electron emission of Nitrogen 16 decay form, forming Oxygen 16 nucleus (stable).

In reality the emission of an electron always happen from one of the end position of proton nanotube (not indicated), not from central part, never.

Click mouse on image for Oxygen 16 nucleus.

Yin-yang photon model of light
Nuclear symmetry,       Nuclear structure of elements
Nuclear properties

Nitrogen 15 nucleus Nitrogen 17 nucleus



Nitrogen 16 nuclear structure, half life = 7.13 sec. The N16 nucleus contains too many electrons therefore, after a few seconds of squirm, one of the end-of-chain electron is ejected and a symmetrical, stable isotope of Oxygen 16 is formed. N16 nucleus consist of 16 proton and contain 9 nuclear electron. The outer surface of nuclei is higly negative in consequence of nuclear electron nanotube. These negative charge cloud prevents electron shell of falling into the atomic nucleus. The torus model.

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