Neon 17 nucleus
Nuclear structure of

Neon 17 

(half life = 109.2 ms). Move mouse on image for Neon 17 transition structure

Blue toruses = 17 protons
Red toruses = 7 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Ne (10) = protons (17) - nuclear electrons (7)

Neon 17 transform by positron emission from a source of a photon decomposition,
while the electron component of the photon captured to the center of Neon 17, forming Fluorine 17 and then

Fluorine 17 decays by proton emission (from left side position) of Fluorine 17 decay form to Oxygen 16 (stable).

Click on image for Fluorine 17 temporary nuclear structure.

Photon and nuclear torus particle model
Light photon modell
Nuclear properties

Nuclear composition of Neon 17 isotope and torus model of Neon 17 nucleus without neutrons.

Neon 16 nucleus Neon 18 nucleus




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