Li7 nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of the core (= Be7) of

Neon 19 

(half life = 17.22 s). Click on image for whole Neon19 nucleus structure. On mouse over is Li7.

Blue toruses (in the whole Ne19 image) = 19 protons
Red toruses (in the whole Ne19 image) = 9 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Ne (10) = protons (19) - nuclear electrons (9)

Neon 19 transform by positron emission of Neon 19 producing Fluorine 19 nucleus (stable)

Ne19 nucleus composed by a central Be7 nanotube surrounded by a six component Deuterium ring. The central Be7 transformed by electron capture of Be7 into Li7, but in case of Ne19 the K electron cannot reach to Be7 part of the nucleus according to D ring shielding (the D ring outer surface have negative charges!)
So the electron comes from photon via pair production, the electron captured and the rest, a positron emitted. No neutrino involved. The energy supplied by nucleus.

Click on image for Neon 19 nucleus picture.

Photon model of light
Nuclear symmetry
Nuclear structure

Neon 19 nucleus and decomposition to Fluorine 19 by positron emission. Electron source is a photon.

Neon 18 nucleus Neon 20 nucleus




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