Oxygen 12 destabilized nuclear structure
Nuclear structure of

Oxygen 12 

(half life = 580 ys). Move mouse on image for Oxygen 12 destabilized form

Blue toruses = 12 protons
Red toruses = 4 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of O (8) = protons (12) - nuclear electrons (4)

Oxygen 12 decomposes by 2 proton emission (from left and right side position) of Oxygen 12 destabilized form through Carbon 10

Carbon 10 undergo a transformation of b+ electron capture (into the central position) of recombinant structure forming Boron 10 stable nucleus.
The other component of the participant photon decomposition, the residual positron emitted.

Click on image for Carbon 10 nuclear structure (half life = 19.290 s)

Light photon modell
Nuclear properties       O12 decomposition chain.

Oxygen 12 O12 isotopes nuclear composition of atomic elemental nuclear structure element Oxygen12 nucleus and decomposition of Oxygen 12 by two proton emission into Carbon 10 isotope nucleus

Nitrogen 17 nucleus Oxygen 13 nucleus



There are very few core electron glue in the O12 isotope, so the terminal protons are quickly kicked out by the others. Gluons do not exist.

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