Oxygen 14 nucleus decay form
Nuclear structure of

Oxygen 14 

(half life = 70.606 s). Move mouse on image for Oxygen 14 nucleus decay form.

Blue toruses = 14 protons
Red toruses = 6 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of O (8) = protons (14) - nuclear electrons (6)

Oxygen 14 transforms by positron emission from a source of a photon by decomposition (of the photon !), while the
electron component of the photon captured to the center of Oxygen 14 decay form, producing Nitrogen 14 nucleus (stable).

The rest particle from photon decomposition is positron eradiated (= beta + decay).

Click on image for Nitrogen 14 nucleus.

Light photon modell
Nuclear properties

Oxygen 14 nuclear composition of atomic O14 isotopes nuclear structure element Oxygen14 nucleus

Oxygen 13 nucleus Oxygen 15 nucleus



The Oxygen 14 nucleus catches an electron that comes from photon pair production. The remaining positron is emitted as b+.

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