Lead 208 nucleus side view
Nuclear structure of

Lead 208 


Blue toruses = 208 protons
Red toruses = 126 nuclear electrons

Atomic number of Pb (82) = protons (208) - nuclear electrons (126)

Central rod of Pb208 isotope (stable) analogous with Oxygen 18 (stable) nuclear structure.
The six member ring consists by 6 Tritium nuclei.
The eight member ring builds up by 8 Tritium nuclei.
The 12 member ring consists of 12 Tritium nuclei.
The outer 16 member ring builds up by 16 Lithium7 stable nuclei.

Central rod of Pb207 isotope (stable) analogous with Oxygen 17 (stable) nuclear structure.

Central rod of Pb206 isotope (stable) analogous with Oxygen 16 (stable) nuclear structure.

Click here for Lead 208 nucleus side view.

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Tungsten 184 nucleus Lead 208 nucleus, side view




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